Sunday, March 23, 2014

Here is the back cover blurb from Finding Hope in Texas.

"Finding Hope in Texas" by Ryan T. PettyHow do you move on in your life after a horrible tragedy?
That's what Hope Kilpatrick must ask after losing her family in a horrible car accident right before Christmas. Unable to deal with the pain, she leaves the haunting memories of her New York home behind and escapes to Texas with an estranged aunt that is her only family.
Still reeling from her loss and the culture shock of her new home, she must also deal with a school bully that has set her sights upon her. Hope's only solace is the quiet girl at the vacant lunch table, an eccentric history teacher, and the introverted handsome young man she meets at a Texas parade. Finding Hope in Texas deals with the tragedy of loss, the sardonic struggles of teenage life, and the sanguinity in finding a special someone that will help her discover the strength to live again.

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Characters in Love interview

Check out this link to Mysti Parker's Characters in Love column on her blog.  She interviews my character Hope Kilpatrick and her new love for the James Dean looking Jason.  Hope you enjoy...