Tuesday, February 18, 2014


Hello all.  I have started this blog to talk and discuss my writings with the world, or whoever cares.  Currently, I have written one book, a historical fiction, called The Life He Never Knew, as you can see off to the right.  I enjoyed writing it and the process of publication.  It did go on to win one award, another thing I'm pretty glad about.

My next book, Finding Hope in Texas, comes out in April of 2014.  So far, it has a great cover and part of the editing has been done. I hope my friends, family, and new people that I haven't met yet will enjoy it as much as they did my first book.  I think it is also a pretty cool story, but I wrote it, so I'm kind of biased.

I hope to continue to write for a long time.  It is a hobby and a passion of mine.  Anyway, stop on by, contact me, let me know what you think.  Enjoy your stay...  :-)

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